The Features of Luxury Bathroom Sinks

Many luxury bathroom sinks possess qualities that can lend an air of elegance to almost any bathroom. The faucet and handle design, construction materials, as well as the style of these basins all contribute to setting them apart from regular basins. Furthermore, the presence of a luxury sink can help to set a distinctive tone for a bathroom’s decor.

It is difficult not to notice a faucet that is paired with a luxury bathroom sink. For instance, a guest may walk into a powder room to find an ornate, gleaming brass faucet overlooking the sink. The guest finds it a pleasure to see the water streaming out of its polished exterior. Alternatively, another faucet paired with a luxury basin may be designed in a distinctive yet familiar shape allowing the water to pour out in an unusual way. The presence of an appealing faucet matched with an elegant bathroom basin serves to make the room’s atmosphere even more welcoming.

The material used in the design of a luxury sink has a great deal to do with its charm. Granite, bronze, porcelain, marble, and copper are among the unique materials used to construct some luxury basins. Walking into a powder room and spying a marble basin with its dark, polished exterior immediately gives an air of sophistication to the space. Alternatively, a gleaming copper basin in the powder room can quickly capture a visitor’s eye as well as his or her admiration. Not surprisingly, many decorators of bathrooms begin by choosing an appealing basin and then proceed to build the rest of the room’s decor around that selection. The fascinating texture and colors displayed in a lovely basin can cause a guest who is finished washing his hands to pause for a second look. Continue reading The Features of Luxury Bathroom Sinks

Treat Yourself With a Range of Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Luxury Bathroom
Luxury Bathroom

For those that have thought of different ways to spoil yourself after working hard all week, luxury bathroom accessories are something you should consider. There are many products and accessories to consider, when you start thinking about ways to pamper yourself in the bath. For the most logical and affordable choices, there are aromatherapy soaps, oils and bath salts you can add to your bath. Not only will you get the relaxing and soothing effect of the mental relaxation they provide, but also they are good for your skin and leave you feeling peaceful at the end of a stressful period.

Some other luxury bathroom accessories might include aromatherapy candles to set a relaxing mood, brushes to scrub and exfoliate the skin or sponges that stimulate the nerve endings and get the circulation going. There are hydrotherapy bath accessories that can turn your bathtub into a whirlpool and a massaging showerhead is another nice feature to have, when you want to turn your bath into a luxurious and relaxing haven. Continue reading Treat Yourself With a Range of Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Property Renovation Focus on Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury Bathroom
Luxury Bathroom

Whether your property renovation is for your home or for a property you plan to lease or sell, you still want the best results you can get. Certainly, a luxury bathroom is a great selling point and can add significant value and enjoyment to a home.

To ensure you get what you want, you are best to enlist the services of an interior design company specializing in property renovation and bespoke and fitted bathrooms. Employing industry professionals will pay dividends, so do not be tempted to cut corners here –or your luxury bathroom could pay the price.

A designer will work closely with you on a luxury bathroom design to meet your brief and budget. They,or their team,will site and project manage the entire refurbishment, accounting for every eventuality and saving you one enormous headache. They will appoint their own trusted tradespeople and carry out works with minimal disruption to yourself and all with a superior attention to detail. Of course, they will also have the experience and creativity to deliver on style too. Continue reading Property Renovation Focus on Luxury Bathrooms

Small Luxury Bathroom Design

Luxury does not always mean that it is expensive. You can see many items which at a glance look luxurious but they are not very costly. Thus if you can make a proper small luxury bathroom design, your small bathroom can be given a beautiful and luxurious look.

While making a proper small luxury bathroom design, the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that the color of the tiles used should be very light as it gives a bigger feeling about the bathroom. The reflection of light is more in light color tiles and hence people get a bigger perspective about the size of the bathroom. Due to this reason the pale and the soft shades are most popular in a small luxury bathroom design.

While making small luxury bathroom design, your prime goal should be to increase the functionality of the bathroom and at a same time make its look attractive. To utilize the maximum space in your small bathroom it is better to use compact furniture with sleek structures to store the daily basic requirements like shampoos and shower gels. It helps to reduce the clutter in the bathroom creating more space. Continue reading Small Luxury Bathroom Design