How to keep a website related to the financial sphere in our time?

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As you understood, we are going to tell you about the website management nuances. Let us consider an interesting category — financial forum/live journal, which is related to financial topics. We will also share other useful tips. This kind of management is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. You need to work with its content constantly (update information, attract new visitors, etc.).

Content update

The more often you update the content, the more “friendly” to searching engines your website is. In professional slang, this is called a “live site”. Always remember that all materials influence your website’s semantics. Regular work on improving and updating the content will make your website very authoritative, and it will take the first positions on search pages in the future.

In case you want to see what do we mean go right here. This site is a good example of a good and very informational product. It has all the key characteristics: different content, latest news, articles, answers to the most unpredictable/frequently asked questions (working with credit cards, submitting applications to banks, etc.)

Good content. All necessary conditions

To meet the quality requirements of search engines it (content) must be:

  • Helpful and informative.
  • More interesting than competitors’ one.
  • To make visitors trust your site, add your own analytical materials to it, use quotes, reviews, and links to other materials.
  • Publish only original and useful content. You should not compensate for the amount of information by a deterioration of its quality. Do not post ads in all articles/posts. This affects the number of visitors negatively. People prefer content that does not contain ads at all.
  • Diversify site materials - add photos of products, employees, a variety of funny jokes, etc. Avoid spelling, stylistic and factual mistakes. Otherwise, users will quickly remove your site from their browser bookmarks.

It is very useful to attract the audience, publish new materials periodically, and open the possibility of commenting. Having a separate forum is also a very cool feature. Thus, your site will update part of the data due to the constant user discussions.

The quality of content and the site as a whole can be measured by the degree of visitor satisfaction, which is expressed by:

  1. Number of user conversion. Conversion depends on the type of site and can be expressed in purchases, subscriptions, mailing requests, reviews, links to the material and much more.
  2. The time users spend on the site. Pay attention to the average time only.
  3. The percentage of old users who returned.

What do you need to pay attention to?

First, make sure your site does not affiliate. This problem can provoke site work malfunctions; impair its ability to process data. Ask a few moderators to examine your site for bugs and faulty codes.