Free Credit Repair Software Offers Hope for Homeowners

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Free Credit Repair Software LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 14, 2009) - With the current state of the economy it's becoming increasingly difficult to qualify for a loan -- even if you have perfect credit. Now there is a free solution.

Credit-Aid Software has partnered with TrialPay to offer their popular credit repair software for FREE.

Credit-Aid CEO Daniel Rosen (a.k.a. "The Credit Doctor") is a consumer advocate, motivational speaker and author of America's best-selling credit repair software, "Credit-Aid Software." Rosen has appeared on "The Tonight Show," "Good Morning America," CNN and MSNBC.

Rosen was tired of being bullied by creditors and wanted to take back control. "I tried to refinance my house, but my mortgage company reported incorrect information to the credit bureaus. Their inaccuracies caused a domino effect on my credit that took months to repair. The whole time I kept thinking that someone should automate this process.

"I began to put all of my time into developing credit repair software. Now, 10 years later, I am very proud that we have created a product that really helps people."

So what does a person do if they have bad credit? "Hiring a credit repair business can be expensive," says Rosen, "and few consumers realize they have the power to achieve the same results themselves.

"Many people never check their credit scores. That's like driving with your eyes closed. Your credit score affects not only whether you qualify for a loan and what rate you'll be charged, but also whether you'll be able to rent an apartment or get a job. Employers can legally refuse to hire you based on a low credit score!

"The good news is that most people can improve their credit. You just have to learn the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how to legally bend them in your favor. The process is time consuming which is where credit repair software can help. It generates credit dispute letters written by attorneys and guides your progress.

"With our partnership with TrialPay everyone wins," says Rosen. "You get a full-retail version of our credit repair software for free. We in turn get paid by advertisers who are thrilled to have a new avenue to showcase their products. It's brilliant -- especially when people are facing challenging times."

Consumers receive credit-aid software free in return for completing a TrialPay offer (e.g. send flowers or sign up for a DVD rental service). "TrialPay has hundreds of offers to choose from, so you're bound to find something you like," says Rosen. "They are one of the most innovative companies on the internet and we are proud to be associated with them."

Credit-Aid has received over 100 "5-Star" and "Editor's Choice" awards and has been seen on CNN and MSNBC. Our products are available in Español: Programa Reparacion de Credito. Watch our credit repair video on YouTube and learn more about credit repair on Rosen's blog: . For instructions on receiving free credit repair software visit .

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