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Adding Depth and Texture with a Shag Rug

Shag Carpet

Shag Carpet

It’s important to find out that most people are not choosing to put in wall-to-wall shag carpeting. Shag rugs are used very sparingly, but they are very effective in creating texture, depth, and warmth in a room. As popular as stone and wood floors have become in the main living areas, rugs now need to have some more depth to them.

Shag rugs work really well in living rooms because they can anchor the sofa and a coffee table and such that is on wood or stone floors. A lot of the time furniture can look like it is floating in a room if there is not something with depth to hold it down or give it some definition, and a shag rug is great at that. Many of the shag rugs that are used in living rooms are quite neutral in color but simply tie the room together and make it look more comfortable, even if the flooring is very hard and even cold looking.

Shag rugs that are used in the bedroom often create the warmth and depth that was mentioned above in reference to living rooms. Large shag rugs can anchor the bed in a large room that is tiled, or even those that have carpeting in it. Using a shag rug that picks up accent colors in bedspreads or curtains is a great idea. Because many people tend to overlook the bedroom when decorating, a shag rug is a perfect way to bring some life and some variety to the bedroom decor.