Investment Articles

How Trading Commission Can Kill Profits

As the number of online brokerages continues to increase at a steady pace and the competition gets fiercer, traders are often targeted with offers ra
Investment Articles

How to Use Treasury ETFs to offset a Bear Market

Bonds and U.S. Treasuries are a unique asset class that finds its way into an investor's portfolio in most of the cases. Widely known as a good diversifi
Investment Articles

The Power of Compound Returns

Compound returns or compounding is probably one of the most powerful concepts in the world of financial investing. Compounding is often dubbed as the
Awesome Day Trading Strategies

How to Day Trade Using the ARMS Index

Arms Index is a volume based technical indicator used by technical analysts for forecasting price. The indicator is a useful tool designed to trade stock
Intro to Stock Charts

5 Key Differences between Semi-Log versus Linear Scaling

Price scaling is the concept of determining how to show or display price along the y-axis of the price chart. Every stock chart, as one might know compri
Trend Indicators

Leading vs. Lagging Indicators – Who is the Clear Winn

Technical indicators form an essential element to day trading and are valuable tools for day traders as well as prop trading firms. In fact, without the

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