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Time to Think About Easter Decorations!

With Easter just around the corner its quite just right to start planning ahead of the joyous occasion and also being mid-year it is a time to indulge your loved ones and friends to a unique and memorable occasion apart from the occasion centerpieces to mantle handles and so much with the blending of colors this is quite an intriguing and interesting list of ideas we have put forth for you to enjoy.

Simplicity might be an avenue to try by just arranging the egg shaped bunnies around the table and welcoming the family to a warm meal filled with love

Also you can go all out and get the mantle pieces full of color , some cake here and there bunny shaped cakes which will be a delight for the kids and maybe introduce a hunting game of eggs of different sizes.

Colorful wreaths

Neatly arranged wreaths are guaranteed to also kill the show for you and offer a much needed breather from the mantle pieces and center pieces which will bring color and a little flair to your table. But according to your preference you can go with what you feel comfortable in what fits your color scheme and do it the traditional way of simplicity.

Sweets and candy

Sweet decorations you can also go for chocolate shaped bunnies , some salt dough Easter eggs, orami cup eggs and sweets that are shaped in eggs you can also use bunny shaped carrot jars with tags .

Sunlight can also be used in that it can illuminate and bring out more color. Also Easter baskets and candles come in handy.

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Kid’s Room Interior Design Ideas

At times, it is difficult to understand kids and their preferences. Usually, when it comes to interior design styles, the simplest option is to go with bright colors and adorable cartoons and comics. Some might even request a poster of their favorite child icons from their favorite movie or children’s shows. Nonetheless, you might have to endure a lot of fairy tale narratives and backdrops before you both agree on something. In fact, the safest option is to go with a fantasy outside the realm of reality and possibility or just check their friend’s room design for inspiration. So what are some of the designs you can use?


Kids often make a mess and they know it. They will play and scatter all their toys everywhere but a common hobby is drawing. Children love to draw, and so it makes perfect sense to use wallpaper that doubles as a mural. It is an encouragement for them to broaden their imagination. Every time they stare at it, a sense of inspiration transpires and they might even try a hand at replicating the complex art on the wall. A color splash mural for instance might encourage them to paint more. Alternatively, if you are not sure, you can opt for something more temporary such as hanging paintings. They can be cheap but fun graffiti or just a picture of the outdoors in any of the seasons.

Ageless Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is always a good investment. The kids will grow up and switch their use of a particular piece of furniture. A daybed that might be more useful every time you sit in the room might end up being an extra bed for sleepovers. This way, you do not need to buy extra mattresses for your child’s friends. You simply bring in more blankets and duvets to aid in their hospitality. Alternatively, placing shelves for teddy bears and other toys plus a slew of children’s books. As time goes by, depending on their level of education, the teddy bears might end up making way for encyclopedias and trophies from chess, athletics, or football competitions. A shelf might also be useful in storing shoes and hence double up as a shoe rack. There is a variety of shelf designs that you can encompass. Depending on your child’s preferences, you can opt for a different design. 

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Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office

Curving out some space dedicated purely for work on your home is not only fancy but helps you to stay away from the distractions of working from home. We have gathered a few tips for your home office that will inspire you to design a professional and work friendly space in your home.

Minimalistic work space

You might not have an entire room to dedicate to your home office, but you can select a spot within your home and convert it to a workstation. For instance, you can choose a section of your bedroom and give it a contrasting look; maybe, by painting it different from the rest of the room to give that distinct look. For instance, you can go for a white pallet and pops of color throughout the room to give it that unique appearance. Use simple furniture and décor to achieve that minimalistic look.

Pops of color

Having bright pops of color add that unique sense of beauty to your work space along with a welcoming ambience. For instance you can combine bold and bright colors like white, yellow, green and gold to create a refreshing look. You can also have textured rugs on your floor to accentuate the beauty of your home office.

Light it up

Having a well lit home office just inspires us to be more engrossed in our work without getting quickly burnt out. It is so refreshing to say the least! When picking out your home office, ensure there is proper lighting to add that cheerful aspect to it. Combine the natural lighting aspect with fun furniture and accessories.

Bold is the way to go

Adding some bold colors and items to your home office is another way to spice things up. You can go for boldly colored items like bookshelves or walls. Go for blue or orange bookshelves combined with neutral backgrounds to add that instant splash of freshness. You can also go for wooden panels like mahogany, paired with an iron desk that just oozes power.

Monochromatic themes

You may want to add some decorations to your monochromatic walls but you don’t want the typical display of art on it. You can play around with the texture of the walls to have that unique look you want. This will exude a visual interest and keep your office looking timeless and refreshing.

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